WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addicative chemical. The sale of tobacco products to minors is prohibited by law.

Unveiling X800 – Where Innovation Meets Compliance and Style

In the dynamic world of electronic cigarettes, Tastefog X800 is more than just your average disposable e-cigarette. With its

✅1.2Ω mesh coil,
✅Crystal-clear case,
✅Incredible 800 puffs,
✅2ml e-liquid capacity,
✅Captivating LED lights,
✅Robust 500mAh battery,
✅Extensive range of 20 flavors,

This device not only redefines the vaping experience but also places a strong emphasis on compliance with the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) established by the European Union. Additionally, it offers laser logo printing and a removable lanyard for added convenience and style.


- TPD Compliance - Ensuring Quality and Safety
One of the standout features of X800 is its adherence to the strict regulations set forth by the European Union under the TPD. This compliance signifies a commitment to quality and safety, ensuring that consumers can have complete confidence in the product they are using.

- A Kaleidoscope of Flavors
X800 earns its name with an impressive puff count of 800, doesn't just meet the basic requirements; it also offers a selection of 20 mouthwatering flavors, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. There's a flavor for everyone to savor.


- Dazzling LED Lighting
Elevate your vaping experience with the captivating LED lights on X800. Not only do these lights add a touch of flair to your vaping sessions, but they also serve as a visual indicator of the device's status. Whether you're relaxing at home or enjoying a night out, LED lights add a mesmerizing element of sophistication to your experience.

- Mesmerizing Mesh Coil Technology
X800 incorporates cutting-edge 1.2Ω mesh coil technology. Renowned for its ability to deliver exceptional flavor and vapor production, this technology ensures that every puff is as flavorful and satisfying as the last. With X800, you can expect a vaping experience that stands out from the competition.


- Crystal Clear Case - Sleek and Functional
X800 is presented in a crystal-clear case, offering both a modern aesthetic and functionality, which complements your style. And X800 offers laser logo printing, this feature allows for personalized customization, making your device truly uniquely yours.

- Removable Lanyard for Convenience
Never misplace your X800 with the included removable lanyard. Whether you're on the move or simply want to ensure your X800 is always within reach, this convenient feature keeps your vaping experience close at hand.


X800 is more than just a disposable e-cigarette; it's a testament to innovation, compliance and style. Its adherence to TPD regulations ensures quality and safety, while the captivating LED lights, impressive puff count, mesh coil technology, and a wide range of flavors make it a standout choice for vapers.

Give it a try and experience a world of endless possibilities in vaping, bringing you a vaping experience like no other.

Post time: Nov-01-2023

This product is intended to be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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