WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addicative chemical. The sale of tobacco products to minors is prohibited by law.

MEGA 12000+ puffs Disposable Vape

TASTEFOG MEGA is a more special and powerful disposable electronic cigarette with oil-coil separation technology. The product uses handmade cotton flocchy technology. It is equipped with a 0.8 ohm low-resistance mesh coil and has a strong explosive power. Visualized liquid tank monitoring the dosage at any time, and the RGB dynamic flash, making you the most fancy at night. One more interesting thing is, Mega support refillable, open the mouthpiece cap, user can refill the tank 1-2 more times, it makes the device longger use and the flavor function is still there. It has a big erea of cotton piece under the mouthpiece which can absorbe the condensate produced during the heating. User can get a more clear and pure smoke from MEGA.

The capacity of 15ml E-liquid prefilled can be used for a long time, and support 1-2 more times of refilling. The 650mAh high-performance lithium battery can ensure the battery life of the whole day. There are 3 different light color indicating the different battery power levels, it is easy to find out the power status of the battery. With the fast charging Type-C charging port, fast fully charged in 30 minutes. The bottom of the product has a switch design for adjusting airflow to meet the vape needs of everyone. 12 different and premium flavors for you to choose.




Cherry Cola


Lemon Lime


Lush Ice


Mr Blue


Juicy Berries


Gummy Bear


Apple Peach


Triple Melon


Kiwi Passion


Pink Lemonade


Lush Bubblegum


Strawberry Kiwi

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Product Features

- Oil-Coil Separately Technology, maintains the original taste and leak-proof.

- Handmade mesh coil heating system, more pure and smooth.

- Rechargeable battery with type-C charging, eco-friendly enough.

- Fancy visible tank with RGB flashlight, lite you up.

- Refillable design, make MEGA more eco-friendly.

- Bottom switch airflow control design, pick up the airflow you want.

- 15 product testing and inspection procedures ensure every pod is working perfectly

- Available for customization on Logo, flavors, colors, and packages

Product Specifications



Product Name

Tastefog MEGA

Product Type

Disposable Vape E-Cigarette

E-liquid Capacity


Battery Capacity

650mAh Rechargeable

Charging Port


Puff Count

12000+ Puffs

Nicotine Salt



Mech Coil 0.8Ω




1PCS/Single Giftbox

10PCS/Middle Display Box

300PCS/17.5KGS/Master Carton


*Cherry Cola   *Lemon Lime   *Lush Ice   *Mr Blue   *Juicy Berries   *Gummy Bear   *Apple Peach   *Triple Melon   *Kiwi Passion   *Pink Lemonade   *Lush Bubblegum   *Strawberry Kiwi




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    MEGA 1980x1050 7包装

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