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Health Canada recommends e-cigarettes to smokers

Recently, the official website of the Canadian government updated the e-cigarette science section, stating that there is evidence that e-cigarettes can help smokers quit smoking, and that switching to e-cigarettes can effectively reduce the health risks of smokers. This is significantly different from the previous negative attitude that only emphasized the harmfulness of e-cigarettes.


Health Canada has been criticized by the public health community for exaggerating the dangers of e-cigarettes. “The Ministry of Health always introduces the dangers of e-cigarettes, without mentioning that 4.5 million smokers have the opportunity to reduce harm by switching to e-cigarettes. This is misleading the public, and it is giving up the lives of millions of smokers.” Canadian Vape Association Chairman Darryl Tempest wrote in an open letter published in February 2020.

But in recent years, Health Canada has gradually changed its attitude. In 2022, the official website of the Canadian government will cite a number of research reports from the United Kingdom and the United States to recognize the harm reduction effect of e-cigarettes. In this update, Health Canada quoted the latest report from Cochrane, an internationally authoritative medical evidence-based organization, clearly stating that e-cigarettes can be used to quit smoking, and the effect is “better than the nicotine replacement therapy we previously recommended.” It is understood that Cochrane has issued 5 reports in 7 years, confirming that smokers use e-cigarettes to quit smoking.

The official website of the Canadian government elaborates on the various benefits of smokers switching to e-cigarettes: “Existing evidence shows that after smokers completely switch to e-cigarettes, they can immediately reduce the inhalation of harmful substances and improve their overall health. There is currently no Evidence shows that there are adverse effects of using e-cigarettes to quit smoking, and long-term use of e-cigarettes may save money.” Not only that, but Health Canada also specifically reminds smokers not to use cigarettes and e-cigarettes at the same time, because “just smoking cigarettes is harmful. If you are in good health, only by completely switching to electronic cigarettes will you have the effect of reducing harm.”

Foreign media reports pointed out that this means that Canada will recognize e-cigarettes like the United Kingdom, Sweden and other countries. On April 11, the British government launched the world’s first “change to e-cigarettes before quitting smoking” plan to help 1 million British smokers quit smoking by providing e-cigarettes. According to a Swedish report in 2023, due to the promotion of harm reduction products such as e-cigarettes, Sweden will soon become the first “smoke-free” country in Europe and the world.

“In recent years, Canada’s tobacco control has made remarkable progress, and the government’s recommendation of e-cigarettes has played a key role.” David Sweanor, a Canadian tobacco harm reduction expert, said: “If other countries can do the same, the global public health environment will be greatly improved.”

“While quitting all nicotine products is best, quitting cigarettes as a priority can significantly reduce your health risks. Researchers have determined that switching entirely to e-cigarettes is less harmful than continuing to It’s useless to you, e-cigarettes can help you quit smoking.” The official website of the Canadian government wrote in the advice to smokers.

Post time: Apr-21-2023

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