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Recording vape reviews of Tastefog Tplus 800 puffs in 2022

By Charlie in UK

Today we have a serie of devices from a company called Tastefog.

Here we go!

Tplus 800 puffs

Flavor: coffee


Now very very few people do a coffee flavor vape for good reason: you get it wrong, it's
awful. Even fewer people do a coffee flavor, because you have to change the way you make juice. So let's see if they've managed to pull off coffee flavor, which you'll find out momentarily.

It comes in a black body with a logo, and you can already smell it. I should point out that I am a coffee snob. My goodness! They've actually done rather well here, if you're in the market for a coffee vape, that's surprisingly good! I'm actually impressed.

It's not very sweet. I like my coffee. I drink my coffee black,straight up! This has got a little bit of creaminess to it, just to take the bitterness out of the raw coffee flavor, but they haven't put a lot of sweetening in.

That's really quite good! Well done! Tastefog! You've got a coffee flavor pretty much bang on, I'm suitably impressed.

Flavor: Pink lemonade


That's better! Still not perfect, I'll be honest, but I'm getting more of the lemonade with that nice pink Edge. It's more refreshing than the other pink lemonade in the highlight.

Flavor: Blueberry ice


The problem with blueberries, if you're not careful it can taste soapy. This is on the borderline, it's not enough to put me off, but it's very very close. It's just tending towards that slight hint of soapiness. For me, it puts me off, but some people never taste it, some people I talk to try a blueberry and they say, “Oh, it doesn't taste soapy! What are you talking about?” So it's clearly a very subjective thing, even though I've not got a lot of it. I think if you like blueberries, I think you’d like that.

Flavor: Passion orange guava


God! That's really good! I'm getting a passion fruit, which is a hard flavor to get through, but that's good!

The Orange is there, provides that Citrus lift in the background, that doesn't overpower the flavor, that's really good! And the guava is there as well, because you taste the sweetness that you get from guava, but I can taste the authenticity of the guava flavor as well!

That's been really well Blended and really well chosen. I'm enjoying that a lot, good job indeed!

Flavor: Grape ice


Yeah, touch device, just lifting it to avoid the great becoming cloying. Actually definitely needs more punch of grape, but it's not bad, wouldn't be my first great flavor I'd reach for,
but if it's all you can get and you want a great, nothing wrong with that.

Okay, that'll be about Tastefog and their range of disposables for both the UK and EU TPD markets and for markets across the world, where you can have higher nicotine and higher e-liquid levels and rechargeables and so on.

Thank you very much to the Tastefog for sending those devices over for the purposes of review. Stay tuned to the channel for more reviews.

Post time: Dec-02-2022

This product is intended to be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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